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Biophysical Society Meeting 2019

Lemkul Lab at BPS 2019, from left: Darcy, Alexa, Brian, Justin

The Lemkul Lab had a great trip to the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. Alexa, Darcy, and Brian each presented a poster and enjoyed talking with so many people who were interested in the new insights that are coming out of polarizable simulations. We reconnected with some old friends and made plenty of new ones!

We look forward to future meetings with our fellow biophysicists. See below for a few highlights of our time in Baltimore.

Dinner with friends on Sunday night! Clockwise from bottom left: Alexa, Dr. Anne Brown (VT University Libraries), Darcy, Brian, Justin, Dr. Jing Huang (Westlake Institute for Advanced Study)

Monday and Tuesday were busy days at the poster sessions!

Darcy presented her poster, "Investigating the Role of Charge-Altering Post-Translational Modifications on Tau Peptide Conformational Ensembles using Polarizable Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

Alexa presented her poster, "Polarizable Molecular Dynamics Simulations of c-kit Oncogene Promoter G-Quadruplexes of Distinct Conformations"

Brian presented his poster, "Structure and Dynamics of the bcl-2 Promoter G-Quadruplex using the Drude Polarizable Force Field"

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