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Lab dinner at PK's to celebrate the end of the Fall 2017 semester. Around the table clockwise, from left: Jesse, Kelly, Hemin, Amira, Alexa, Dani, Justin.

Group picture, February 2018. From left: Justin, Brian, Hao, Hemin, Dani, Darcy, Alexa, Amira.

Group picture, April 2018 at the top of Bald Knob.


Group picture, March 2019. From left: Alexa, Brian, Karlie, Darcy, Josh, Tanner, Justin.


Group picture, June 2021. From left: Julia, Justin, Laura, Darcy, Haley, Marcelo.


Summer undergraduate research participants, June 2021. From left: Justin, Bekah, Sam, Emily, Nathan, Jason.


Group picture at the Biochemistry Department holiday party, December 2021. From left: Darcy, Julia, Marcelo, Justin, Laura, Haley, Ettore (just before he left to return home to Italy!)


Celebrating Darcy's successful dissertation defense, March 17, 2022. From left: Julia, Bekah, Dr. Davidson, Justin, Laura, Haley, Marcelo.


Engelpalooza, October 12, 2022. From left: Julia, Haley, Justin, HokieBird, Marcelo, Laura, Bekah.

Group picture, March 2023. Front row, from left: Ashley, Julia, Justin, Kait, Candace, Bekah, Laura. Back row, from left: Haley, Sam, Igor, Marcelo, Patrick, Zack.


Group picture, February 2024 at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. Front row, from left: Julia, Ashley, Justin, group alum Brian, Sam. Back row, from left: Laura, Candace, Esmat, Kait, Marcelo, Bekah, Haley.

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